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skytrain signage
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Transit Information Infrastructure

TransLink Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is one of the most rapidly changing urban regions of Canada. It covers an area of 2,800 square kilometres and is presently home to 2.2 million people. Its population, however, is predicted to increase by 33% by 2031, a sharp rise that presents many challenges to existing transport policies.

The regional planning and transportation authorities have acted to address these and other key issues, including meeting stringent greenhouse gas emission targets set by the provincial government. There has been a significant investment in major transit and highways projects, including the Canada Line and multiple extensions to the existing SkyTrain network, Bus Rapid Transit and a massive increase in bus network and frequency. The region remains very popular with tourists and visitors - with 7.7 million overnight stays annually.

TransLink, the transportation authority for the region, recognising the scale of the challenges facing it, commissioned a multi-modal Wayfinding Strategy. The strategy, covering all modes from vehicle use to walking, frames the delivery of better information to passengers and travellers through development of a comprehensive, integrated, multi-modal, multi-media information system.

Key to delivering this strategy was the development of information infrastructure in the transport environments. Lacock Gullam was commissioned as part of an AIG team to design the physical aspects of this and developed products, signage and street furniture for the system.

Following a series of prototype stations and interchanges, implemented in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the team  produced new wayfinding standards.

Lacock Gullam assisted Translink in sourcing suitable manufacturing partners  and oversaw the development of prototype products and the initial incremental roll out of the system region wide.

translink signage
translink signage
Translink signs
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translink signage

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